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Surrounded – a 14-day Devotional to Fight Your Battles with Praise

  • Study 2 Kings 6:8-17, 2 Chronicles 20, and Psalm 24.
  • Learn how God is with you in the battle.
  • Explore ways to praise God in the storm.
  • Dive deep into why praising God is your most powerful weapon.
  • Develop your own battle plan of praise.

What's Included?

  • Surrounded is a 52-page booklet, with 14 daily devotionals.
  • Each daily devotional includes a Scripture-based devotional, plus reflection questions and prayer prompts.
  • Available as a printed booklet or digital download.
  • BONUS: Download a printable set of 35 scripture and prayer cards at checkout.

Learn to Fight Your Battles with Praise!

Do you feel surrounded by the battles of life? Are you facing trials on multiples fronts? Running out of options to solve your problems on your own?

When life gets you down and you’re weary from the constant embattlement, you need a different approach.

God doesn’t want you living like this: tired, weary, worried, stressed, overwhelmed, in despair.

Instead, he wants you to face your battles from a place of strength, peace, and trust in him.

How? Fight your battles by praising God.

Praising God through the storms of life runs counter to how the world tells you to face your battles. It’s often the opposite of how you want to react. Yet, it may just be your best response.



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