Prayer... That Makes a Difference

Devotionals and studies to grow your prayer life and learn to trust God through the storms of life.

Pray Deep Academy

Go Deeper With an Online Course in the Pray Deep Academy

Take your prayer life to the next level with video-based courses and devotionals. Set the foundation for a vibrant prayer life, explore more fully the role of prayer in your life, learn how to pray in new ways, and transform your prayer experience.

Firm Foundations for Prayer

Create a prayer life that's vibrant and life-giving!

Begin a daily habit for consistent prayer you'll love (and keep)!

Learn more ways to pray and listen for God.

Feel more confident in your prayers.

The Pray Deep: Firm Foundations eCourse will guide you step-by-step to get started today!

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Pray Deep: Ignite Your Prayer Life

Pray Deep: Ignite Your Prayer Life is the essential course you need to renew, recharge, and inspire your prayer life.

Through 8 video-based lessons and guided reflections and prayers, you'll learn to:

> Develop a discipline of prayer
> Explore the conversation of prayer and different ways to pray
> Examine the challenges and disappointments of prayer
> Understand how prayer develops your relationship with God
> Begin to unlock the power of prayer in your life
> Practice taking prayer to the battlefield of life.
> Learn 22 different ways to pray!

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Praying the Lord's Prayer

Learn to Pray as Jesus Taught Through 40 Days in the Lord's Prayer

Experience the Lord’s Prayer as never before. Discover deep, personal connections to each word as you pray through the prayer line-by-line.

Learn how to truly pray as Jesus taught, using the very template for prayer Jesus taught to his disciples. Go beyond rote recital of the prayer and learn how to use the Lord’s Prayer as a template for all your prayers.

Unlock the power of the Lord’s Prayer as you pray deeply through each word, each line, each intent. Learn why this is indeed the prayer of a lifetime.

Transform your prayer life by unlocking the power of these 72 words. 

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Trusting God Through the Storms

Discover God's peace and strength through the storms of life, through this 4-week, video-based study.

Learn how to trust God, even through the stormiest seasons of your life. Find his peace and strength to help you stand strong against whatever comes your way.

There is a better way to face the storms in your life. 

> You can face life’s trials with a peace-filled heart.

> You can find strength beyond yourself.

> You can hold onto hope and confidence, no matter what battle you’re fighting.

Learn how to trust God, even through the stormiest seasons of your life. 

Find God's peace and strength to help you stand strong against whatever comes your way.

Explore four keys to trusting God by studying and praying through four passages in the Bible.

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