Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer
Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer

Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer

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Pray Deep: The Lord’s Prayer

Experience the Lord’s Prayer as never before. Discover deep, personal connections to each word as you pray through the prayer line-by-line.

Learn how to truly pray as Jesus taught, using the very template for prayer Jesus taught to his disciples. Go beyond rote recital of the prayer and learn how to use the Lord’s Prayer as a template for all your prayers.

Unlock the power of the Lord’s Prayer as you pray deeply through each word, each line, each intent. Learn why this is indeed the prayer of a lifetime.

Transform your prayer life by unlocking the power of these 72 words. 

Never pray the Lord’s Prayer the same way again!

Learn to Pray as Jesus Taught Through 40 Days in the Lord’s Prayer

What’s Inside?

  • Pray Deep: The Lord's Prayer is a 72-page book with 40 daily devotional
  • Begin each week with an overview of a line from the Lord's Prayer
  • Each daily devotional includes selected scriptures and key reflection questions to dig deeper into each week's focus.
  • Specific prayer prompts will guide your conversations with God as you progress through the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Weekly reflection worksheets to solidify how your study that week will influence your prayers going forward and to capture anything God has whispered into your heart.
  • Worksheets help you personalize the Lord’s Prayer as you study it line by line.

The Lord’s Prayer: More Than a Memory Verse

How often does the Lord’s Prayer feel more like a memory verse than a powerful template for prayer? We recite it from rote memory during church. We call upon it during times of crisis when other words elude us.

Yet, these 72 words are more than a memory verse. They teach us everything we need to know about prayer.

We memorize the Lord’s Prayer not just so we can recite a prayer, but so that we can easily recall the key components of prayer.

When’s the last time you prayed the Lord’s Prayer?

I mean really prayed the Lord’s Prayer, like it meant something? 

Perhaps you pray it frequently, but how often does it connect with your heart and soul in a way that deepens your prayers?

This study will transform your prayer life, setting you on a path to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, our Heavenly Father.

Let’s say together, “Lord, teach me to pray.”



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