Trusting God

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Trusting God – a 4-Week Devotional to Find God’s Peace & Strength in the Storm.

Learn how to trust God, even through the stormiest seasons of your life. Find his peace and strength to help you stand strong against whatever comes your way.

In the Trusting God devotional, we’ll study the Scriptures that spoke most to my heart and helped me learn to trust God in some of the darkest seasons of my life.

Through this study, you’ll learn four keys to trusting God – four lessons I learned over the course of years as I journeyed through storms. If you’ll open your heart and dive deep into these Scriptures, you’ll be on your way to more peace, strength, confidence, and hope in just a month.

We’ll study and learn about these four keys to trusting God:

  • Week 1: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 – Pray first and lean into that prayer, trusting God will answer.
  • Week 2: Exodus 13:17-14:31 – Take a step, take a step, trusting God to lead your way.
  • Week 3: Mark 4:35-41 – Know Jesus is by your side and has all power and authority.
  • Week 4: Psalm 46 – Be still and know he is God, finding strength in stillness.

Get Started Finding God’s Peace & Strength Today!

What's Inside?

This 80-page study guide includes:

Detailed studies for each day's passage.

Additional reflection questions to help you better absorb God's Word and take each lesson to heart.

Guided prayers to help you pray through each key to trusting God.

Weekly reflection worksheets to maximize your study.

FREE BONUS: 16 printable prayer and scripture cards!

Do You Have Peace In The Storms of Your Life?​

  • How are you handling your trials? Withdraw in fear, desperately try to find solutions, fight back in anger?
  • What fills your heart in these times? Worry, stress, anxiety, despair, anger, hurt?
  • Where do you turn for help and strength through the storm? Friends, family, Facebook, Google?

What if instead…

  • You could have peace in your heart about the storms in your life?
  • You could feel strong enough to face the battles ahead?
  • Your heart could be filled with hope about the future and confident about the journey ahead?

There is a better way to face the storms in your life. 

  • You can face life’s trials with a peace-filled heart.
  • You can find strength beyond yourself.
  • You can hold onto hope and confidence, no matter what battle you’re fighting.

Learn to trust God and you’ll find peace and strength in any storm life brings.

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